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  • Promise your forever love at the top of Sky!

    Planning your wedding day?  Looking for a way to make your special day that bit more unique and magical?  Why not stun your friends and family by making a dramatic exit from your wedding or reception in a hot air balloon?

    Promise your forever love at the top of Sky! The Bride, Groom, and the Priest lift off in the balloon and then the ceremony is conducted while floating peacefully over unique landscape. The newly wedded couple can relax and enjoy the magnificent views whilst reminiscing about their magical day and make a toast to lifelong happiness.

    *Please contact us for your private balloon requests, we will be happy to offer our services, and help plan the special day for you.

    *Please be informed that requested extra services will be charged separately.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Our clients that do not have a hotel/hostel booking should e-mail to before their departure flight date and provide us with hotel/hostel details.

    When you make a reservation at a very closer time; like 3, 2 or 1 day ago, we might not receive your details on time. It is HIGLY IMPORTANT that you must e-mail or call us to inform about your reservation so that you won’t be disappointed.

    If you need a confirmation letter for your reservation please send an e-mail to

    Please note that balloon flights are very weather dependent. When there is a cancellation due to uncooperative weather we will return your money back to your bank. This period sometimes takes longer period then normally we expect due to different holiday times between the countries and also different agreements between the banks.


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